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JOCAVI® has solutions for the most demanding ears, whether for auditoriums, concert halls, recording studios, video studios, radio stations, TV stations, cinemas, sports halls, trade shows, industrial pavilions, swimming pools, public spaces, commercial and retail spaces, offices or your own listening room at home.




JOCAVI® Acoustic Panels presents its NEW online store for direct purchase from the US market.® starts selling to US customers on January 10th 2018. In this store you can find more than 500 Acoustic Treatment and Acoustic Insulation products. is an online shop that sells JOCAVI® Acoustic Panels for the United States. JOCAVI® was born in 1992 as a manufacturer of acoustic panels and it is a Portuguese company specialised in developing and manufacturing acoustic treatment panels for the professional audio industry.® has a varied and thorough offer of high quality acoustic treatment panels that blend well with any decoration and are easily mounted on ceilings or walls, which enables a wide range of applications. Our models offer the designer a large variety of solutions.

Several types of absorption and diffusion models deliver excellent performance levels. Become acquainted with our product range, our brands, the products that we choose, recommend and sell as well as with our overall guidelines and intervention areas. Our store offers an easy way to choose, simulate shipping costs, and pay securely.

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All products we offered in the palm of your hand… All products can be shipped for all U.S. territories by FedEx Economy or Priority. If you are an international customer you can request a Shipping Quote for international shipping by contacting our store at Your satisfaction with our product is our goal.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding our website or any of the products we offer. With 25 years of experience in the world of acoustic industry, our staff is very knowledgeable about the products we sell and provides the best customer service possible to make sure you are satisfied with our products.


JOCAVI® NEW 2018 Products

Meet the 2 NEW high end NEO 3Q® and NEO 6Q® difuser acoustic panels from JOCAVI®:

From many years quadratic diffusers became a classic shape in architectural acoustics. JOCAVI® revisited and made a new design of the oldest ever project of acoustic diffuser modules. Starting from the same principle of calculations for quadratic diffusers, JOCAVI® reviewed it with a new approach and added a new energy flow calculation theory that added better predicates and advantages.

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Meet the NEW JOCAVI® LOWNOTE®, we´re presenting two high-end models of LF tuned absorbent acoustic panels.
LNWC 060® LNCC060®
LNWP 060® LNCP 060®

LOWNOTE®W is available for walls, ceilings and the LOWNOTE®C for corners. Both available in two different shapes named “Clover® and Petal®”.

The LOWNOTE® is a broadband low-frequency sound absorber designed to balance the modal distribution on small rooms like studios, music listening rooms, and home-cinemas.

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Meet the ATP® Noven®, a NEW cost effective model of absorbent acoustic panels.
NOK060® NOQ 060®
NOH060® CTR060®

Available in four different drillings with an amazing velvety finishing. NOVEN® is a perforated flat shape acoustic panel. It is made of flexible open-cell acoustic foam with a rigid housing of perforated ABS, with coloured velvety finishing. This attractive product allows the combination of two colours; the colour of the housing and colour of the fabric colour, giving its appearance several appealing colour combinations.

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About JOCAVI® brands

JOCAVI® Acoustic Panels

JOCAVI® brand is renowned for the excellence and high performance of its products and has become the leading name in the development and production of high-end acoustic treatment panels for the professional audio industry. Unique diffusers made of rare raw materials and the very effective low-frequency absorbers are the best-selling and most outstanding representatives of the brand.

JOCAVI® sets the standard for the high acoustic performance of its products. It stands out for its experience coupled with a constant drive for innovation. Its wide range of models and acoustic solutions, made from the most varied raw materials in several colors and finishes, are divided into three categories (diffusers, absorbents and low-frequency tuned absorbent panels), providing JOCAVI® with the largest and most versatile range of acoustic panels on the market.


ATP® Acoustic Treatment Pack

ATP® Acoustic Treatment Pack. This cost-effective brand is offered in easy installation packs. ATP® maximizes quality for value in markets with more limited budgets. The ATP® brand comprises a wide range of models.

It also includes pre-calculated, easy-to-install “Room Packs,” meant for various types and sizes of spaces and supplied with complete instructions and assembly accessories. These 12 rooms were acoustically simulated with the dimensions mentioned in each case and later verified with acoustic analyses.

Mindful of this segment’s needs, ATP® features acoustic treatment products and solutions which are practical and accessible to all. These products are directed for clients who want the sophistication of an acoustically treated room and who also appreciate an avant-garde outlook, with all the acoustic products in exhibition.


AS® - Acoustic Shell

AS® Acoustic Shell is specialized in designing and building acoustic shells for optimal diffusion in Theatres and Concert Halls.

AS® Acoustic Shell is a brand that sells and rents highly specialized acoustic shells designed in the JOCAVI® laboratories (R&D) to fixed or mobile facilities in theatres, auditoriums or for exclusive events. It also carries out installation, acoustic checks and maintenance contracts for its acoustic shell projects.

Acoustic Shell, AS® is a company that designs and manufactures acoustic diffusion shells. These brands congregate products and vanguard solutions oriented towards a common passion, acoustics.


IN® - Industrial Insulation

IN® - Industrial Insulation is another important JOCAVI® GROUP brand. JOCAVI® created this line of products to support the segment of the construction industry dealing with large space applications such as manufacturing plants, large hangars, public transport bays and sport stadiums.

This product line includes various acoustic accessory products for soundproofing and noise absorption such as self-adhesive insulation rolls, ant vibration hardware, sandwich noise damping materials, acoustic ink and metal perforated acoustic panels.

As part of the JOCAVI® GROUP, IN® shares the engagement and experience of its parent company whose high quality standards demand a universal approach to managing the acoustic experience in all kinds of spaces used for all kinds of purposes.

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