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JOCAVI™ was born in 1992 as a manufacturer of acoustic panels, it is a worldwide company specialized in developing and manufacturing acoustic treatment materials for the professional audio industry. With more than twenty years of international experience, JOCAVI establishes itself in the United States in order to produce and deliver its products of excellence to its USA customers.

We have the solution for the most demanding ears, be it for Auditoriums, Concert halls, Audio Studios, Video Studios, Radios, TV’s station, Cinemas, Sports halls, Industrial pavilions, Swimming Pools, Public Spaces, Commercial, offices etc., even for your own listening room at home. JOCAVI™ presents acoustic treatment panels, which blend well with any decoration and are easily mounted on ceilings or walls.

JOCAVI™, an INTERNATIONAL reference in the world of acoustics.

“The passion for Musical Acoustics has guided my life since I was a child. The taste for this matter with the tenacity to create and develop has been giving the market, under Jocavi´s name, numerous high quality acoustic solutions. For over twenty five years I have had the pleasure to make this journey that makes me feel accomplished and honored with a work dedicated to those around me, my friends and coworkers. JOCAVI has now more than 100 different models on the market, catalogued, organized and available for the most complex and demanding applications, as well as for the most practical and simple on the world of environmental acoustics. Welcome to JOCAVI world, a wide range of Acoustic Solutions… “

by: João Vieira CEO | Founder

JOCAVI™ brand is renowned by the excellence and high performance of its products. It became a high-end leading brand in acoustics for the professional Audio industry.

ATP® The cost-effective brand with easy installation Room Packs. It was created in October 2009 and inherited the quality of its products from the Group’s experience.

AS® Acoustic Shell is specialized in designing acoustic shells for optimal diffusion in Theatres and Concert Halls. AS® sells and rents acoustic shells designed in the JOCAVI™ R&D laboratories.

IN® Thinking about Industrial Insulation and the construction business segment, JOCAVI™ made this line of products to face big space applications.

In 2017 we launched AcousticShop™ to fulfil the needs of the american market. is an online shop that sells JOCAVI® Acoustic Panels in the United States.

You can make your purchases easily and safely; we will take care of the transport to your address. All the products sold in our store are accompanied by grinding instructions and we also offer a consulting department to help you plan and recommend your acoustics needs. has a varied and thorough offer of high quality acoustic treatment panels that blend well with any decoration and are easily mounted on ceilings or walls, Several types of absorption and diffusion models deliver excellent performance levels.

Our Brands


High performance acoustic panels


Cost effective acoustic panels


Diffusion acoustic shells


Industrial insulation

JOCAVI® is the leading brand in high-end acoustic panel development and production.

Here you will find acoustic diffusers and bass traps of the highest category. With dozens of different models known for their excellent performance and made in an amazing range of colours and materials, JOCAVI® stands out for its experience and drive for innovation making it the largest and most versatile range of acoustic panels.

ATP® is JOCAVI®’s brand of cost-effective acoustic panels. With its extensive line of efficient and inexpensive products it provides accessible and efficient acoustic treatment options to all and, in particular to those projects that don’t need a large financial investment.

With its own manufacturing facilities, equipped with modern machineries, ATP is still a part of JOCAVI, and shares the engagement and experience of this organization where quality standards must always be attained.

AcousticShells® is a brand that sells and rents out highly specialized acoustic shells conceived in the JOCAVI® R&D laboratories. We prepare tailored projects for each specific location and provide long term rental contracts for events to be carried out on a continuing basis in the same location.

We also sell permanent installations in theatres and auditoriums where the main activities require the use of these acoustic diffusers, along with installation.

Thinking about the industrial insulation in the construction business segment, JOCAVI® created this range of products to face big space applications, such as manufacturing spaces, large hangars, public transport bays and sports stadiums.

In this product line you’ll find various soundproofing and noise absorption products such as insulation rolls, antivibration hardware elements, noise dampening products, acoustic ink and metal perforated acoustic panels.

Our Latest Products


Diffusion panel


Absorbent panel





The use of diffusor panels is imperative to control primary reflections and other reflections from flat surfaces, thus improving correct sound diffusion in the room.

The WOODquad is a two-dimensional quadratic residue sound diffusor created to expand our product line anchored in classical designs. It is designed to provide a more uniform sound field through mid and high frequencies and offers us optimal hemispherical scattering for wide angles of incidence.

This wooden diffusion panel provides large spectrum bandwidth diffusion in a single integrated piece with minimal depth; it has the uniform scattering properties of a quadratic diffuser.

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TWIN® is an Absorbent and Diffuser element and it was designed to combine both features, balancing these two assets perfectly in an aesthetically symmetrical way.

TWIN® enables the creation of uniform surfaces with a single model that softly absorbs the sound waves while maintaining the vivacity of the musical instruments' harmonics, which is vital for the music's natural acoustic environment.

TWIN® has a great combination of absorption and diffusion patterns and it is an essential product when you require a better control of high-frequencies, adding at the same time some absorption to the mid-range of the sound spectrum.

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HUMcut BXA® is a low-frequency membrane absorption panel tuned to 63Hz that is meant to be used in 90º corners. The principle used in this model combines a HIPS box, which has an appropriately enhanced closed resonance chamber with mass and density components. The front plate is made of wood and several punching patterns and colors available.

In order to achieve the best results, this model can be used together with the HUMcut BXW®, tuned to 125Hz, used in flat surfaces.
The combination of these two models, on the corners and walls, greatly broaden the low-frequencies absorption capacity as it extends the absorption range to the next harmonic frequency.

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The TONAL Corner® is a low frequency membrane absorbent panel designed to fit into 90o corners. Tuned to 50Hz, 63Hz or 80Hz, it has a range of absorption coverage of approximately 1/3 of octave above and below the tuning frequency. It is developed to fine tune the modal distribution of small rooms such as studio control rooms and home theatres.

The principle used to develop TONAL Corner® is the Helmholtz Resonator reasoning with a defined neck length, using of a colored engineered wood fiber board box with HIPS fabric finishing as the front membrane, thus creating the tuned resonant chamber.

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Our portfolio

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We are Environmentally Friendly

We use, reuse´n recycle

Recycling means to repeat the life cycle continuously by giving new use to materials discarded by society. We´re increasingly concerned about using recycled, recyclable and environmentally-friendly raw materials.

JOCAVI has an ecological product line, ECOiso line uses only 100% of natural raw materials, such as; cork, coconut fiber and wood fibers.

The recycled materials used in the manufacture of Groutpaint come from paper, newspapers, magazines, textiles, packages, cardboard, wood and glass.

The recyclable materials of our products consist of wood from self-sustainable forests, ABS, PETG, EPS, polyester, fabric, ceramics and chipboards.

Our painting method uses water-base ecological paints with environmentally harmless dyes and components and no active solvents. Recycling offers an indeterminate number of advantages.

It prevents soil and water contamination, reduces the volume of waste that goes to the sanitary landfills, generates jobs for many people and spares natural resources.

Over the course of the years, we has become increasingly concerned and aware of the need to reduce inert matters that pollute the planet.

This is an issue that concerns all of us and which the industrial world in particular must pay careful attention to.

We always keep "The 3 R's" song in our minds…

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Welcome! We are honoured to commemorate and share an excellent music selection with our clients and friends.

João Vieira's private collection was scanned with the original CD file format (WAVE at 44.1kHz, 16bit per channel) and to ensure the best listening quality, it is being broadcast using HE-AAC at 192kbps at 48kHz.

Our radio plays random music styles alternating between like Rock, Funk, Jazz, Soul, Reggae, Pop and R&B.

JOCAVI Web radio is owned by JOCAVI Acoustic Panels Lda, without revenue, and it is shared to the JOCAVI business partners and friends network.

Join us and enjoy great music from the the best artists ever.

Stay tuned!

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