STILLNESS I® is a damping system and sound insulation board composed of anti-vibration and massive elements. We select inorganic materials with different densities and thicknesses to form a composite layer with the best properties of sound insulation and vibration damping in order to effectively insulate the medium-low and low frequencies of the sound transmission.
The layers of each compound model are sandwiched and adhere under high pressure.
These composite vibration damping and sound insulation board are much more practical than the traditional layer-by-layer construction and provides an effective sound reduction rate of walls and ceilings in all types of applications, from the music business to the industrial markets. This multi-layer structure is portable and simple to install by using screws or contact glue and it is easy to cut to adjust to the room dimensions.

STILLNESS I® is composed by:
- 1 layer of Polyurethane Floatsheet® INS (10mm ) and 1 layer of BA13 (13mm).


Depending on the constitution of the base of the wall or ceiling, this material can enhance the sound insulation between 12 and 14 dB.
Installation: with screws or contact glue.
Fire-resistance: Bs1.
Environmentally friendly material.
High-density board surface, paintable.
Reduces sound transmission loss property.
Suitability of a large-area of construction and use.

Total thickness: 23mm.

200 cm
120 cm
2,3 cm
18,4 Kg


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