The AIRgrid® is a suspending absorption panel. It is mainly meant for stadiums, large halls, airports, subways and bus stations, as well as for industrial applications. It can also be applied in moist environments or outdoors.
This panel's structure is made with a perforated grid on an aluminium frame, which gives the product a good robustness; the interior is built with an absorbent layer made on pressed mineral fibers finishing with viselike fabric.
Although it is different in aesthetic terms, the AIRgrid is a very practical and standard panel. The AIRgrid® is available in several colors with the same acoustic features. It is easy to install suspending on ceilings.
The typical public and industrial spaces require an adequate planning of acoustics in order to provide good noise control and sound perception. Due to its thickness and superior density, this product provides a better absorption coefficient at mid frequency range, which helps the airborne noise control.


NRC: 0.77/m²
Several combinations and positioning: vertical, horizontal and 45º.
Good robustness and airborne noise control.
Made on an aluminium frame and different raw absorbent materials inside.
Can be used in moist environments.

Good fire-resistance
Suitable for areas with large space, subways, stadiums, airports and bus stations, pavilions as well as for public or industrial facilities.

MTAG 100
120 cm
60 cm
10 cm
8.3 Kg

Frequency [HZ]



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